About me!

I’m Alberto Roca, a Spanish 3D artist focused on videogames. People says about me that I’m always involved in something and they are usually right. That happens because I’m an art lover and I try to hone my artistic skills as much as possible. Dawn by the sea

Some funny facts about my life are:

* I surprised my parents starting to sing even before talking (less than 1 year old). The song, Inga-inga, had become a familiar joke since then.

* I’ve never really stopped studying. I’ve been travelling since I was 19 years old and I’m been in almost all the countries in Western Europe. Right now I live in Madrid, Spain.

* When I was a kid I was a total nerd, spending almost all my time between videogames, painting and writing/reading. Of course, I’m still a cute nerdie! :)

* I financed my filming and animation studies as an opera singer (tenor). I still manage to sing in the productions I prefer once in a while, so I keep in contact with the musical part of me!

* I got in touch with 3D CGI while I was performing as sound/video editor in a company. I instantly fell in love and put all my resources into learning this. Possibly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

* I’ve studied acting in so many different languages that I feel as a foreigner when I perform in my own mother language.

* My ipod is crazyness. Maria Callas among Queen, Muse and others.

* I’m totally passionate about mobile devices and tablet apps. I’ve been fiddling about my devices for 4 years from now and it only gets worse!!!

* I find very hard to be in a group who behaves negatively. I always end being “the glue”.

* I’m the younger of 4 siblings. I like to spend my free time acting as a terrorist with my nephews’ mind to make them more open-minded.

* Years ago I was teaching in a school and found out that students were given ballet classes. I had an appointment with the School director and he gave me permission to sneak in and learn with my own students in my spare time (for the shame of them and rejoicing of the teacher) . Those 2 years had helped me LOTS as I started animating.

* I can hold my breathing longer than 1’5 min.